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Kosmaj project is pretty young but it’s growing bigger and bigger every day. At the beginning we weren’t sure where drone photography will take us, we all had our own creative ideas and couldn’t even imagine what would happen when all of us start working in one direction.


Idea of the project came to us after our Balkan trip where we hopelessly fell in love with abandoned Yugoslavian monuments. We were especially impressed by the Kosmaj monument. So much that we called our project after it and put it on the logo. ​


In September 2017 we started testing the ice and with every new photo we were getting more and more confident that we were moving in the right direction. Seeing a lot of interest in the project inspired us to look for new places, angles and ideas. At the moment it’s two of us managing the project on a full time basis – Alexander @13_pilot and Anastasiya @nakifaria. Also our good friends Alexey @tommykaira and Pavel @pavelog bring substantial input and ideas.


After some time, we had a thought that we shouldn’t stop at photos of Moscow and our trips. We decided to spread the word and start a creative community where people from all around the world can share their drone photos. There are not many members yet but we’re constantly looking for new talents whom we can invite to join us.


Before every trip we conduct a big research of the area we are headed. Almost anything can be of interest – abandoned buildings, beautiful landscapes, monuments. And there has been more and more since we got the drone because now we’re looking for spots that will look great from above. We like seeing things at a different angle. After a thorough research we map a list of places we are keen to see. It’s actually not that hard to find these ideas – it’s all out there, you just need to look.


Our motto is ‘There are no places that can’t be found – there are people who can’t find them’.

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